Just another day…

… in the Snow household… Cookie continues reading her book, Father Damian and the Bells, M&M dancing to her daddy’s arms, Opie listening to a song playing on Dad’s computer.. I think Merle Haggard.. something about “nine kids and a wife…” Moonbeam is getting her hair braided and Bluebelle is dancing off to look at her new braids… Opie says.. “Wow, nine kids??” Daddy says, “Yep, sounds like us huh?”…

“we don’t have nine kids??”

” yes we do”

“No we don’t , we only have eight!”

“nope, we have nine”

“we do??”

“Yep, mom’s going to have a baby”

” She is??”

Dancing continued, book reading went on… no jumping up and down.. just happiness….

Just another day in the Snow house!


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