Nervous for a few minutes

I went in for my initial appointment and requested an ultrasound for piece of mind given my background with second trimester losses. The nurse took me across the hall and they did an U/S. IN the beginning the Dr couldnt even find a baby. She told me, “To be honest, I don’t see anything jumping out at me” Then she told me she was a resident Dr. She went and brought back a Doctor who quickly told me chances are we wouldn’t find a baby, but then he saw the baby hiding. I was teary with relief

and the Dr says, “What pregnancy is this for you?”


“9th??? How many living do you have??”


“5??? You have 5 living?? You don’t stop”

So I went on to say in front of the budding resident Dr and the Dr…”well, when you’ve delivered stillborn over and over in L/D while surrounded by live births all around, you really hope and pray for a full term baby.” The Resident Dr was nodding her head as if to confirm my feelings, and the Dr stood there amazed… The Dr went on to say, “you don’t use BC do you? Was this a planned Pregnancy? I followed with, “this was a welcomed pregnancy and now it is in God’s hands.” By now the US was finished and I was sitting at the edge of the exam table. The Dr ( who looks like a grandpa) says.. “wow, I am amazed. Can I hug you?” I took this as a pro-life moment victory. Yes, I have 5 living children at home, but this child is ever so important to me as they are and is still a little person sent from above. I just pray now that I can deliver this little person full term in September.


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