On a windy day…

.. we took a family field trip to our friend’s farm again. We saw baby goats born last night and a week ago along with the goats we visited a while back. It was fun to see how much the baby goats have grown. When our other children were holding the baby goats, M&M would say through the wind.. “I need a goat” dsc_0004dsc_0010dsc_0013dsc_0014dsc_0015dsc_0016dsc_0029

We visited with our own parrot who is living on the farm. The children were reassured this was the perfect place for our parrot to live. We got to pet the horses, Shadow, Mordechi, Hannah, and two more who were more interested in eating. dsc_0034dsc_0038

We played with the chickens and got to see 6 hens all at one time sitting on nests. The chicken lay one egg every 25 hours. we came home with the most beautiful naturally colored eggs, four of them were mint green! dsc_0028

We looked for fossils in the rocks and even found a few flecks from arrowhead from long ago. M&M wasn’t thrilled with the wind in her ears, she went all over the farm holding her hat closed over her ears. dsc_00201

When driving home, M&M couldn’t keep her eyes open. We plan to go back soon and do a fossil study.dsc_0041
BTW.. anyone know the name of this sweet purple flower?dsc_0031


4 thoughts on “On a windy day…

  1. I love the photos of the precious children with the animals. It makes me wish I had been there:-)
    Thanks for sharing.

    I think that flower is called “Vinca”–maybe vinca minor, a kind of periwinkle that is often used as a groundcover. We have some in our yard.

    Have a nice Sunday. Oh, and thanks for including me on your blogroll. Also, I’ll say a prayer that all goes well with your sweet baby. God bless!

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