Happy Easter!

The Alleluia is back! We can all rejoice! Today is the most glorious day of the year!
Our crown of thorns now is our Easter centerpiece. The thorns have been replaced with sweet little flowers and bunnies.
A view from our kitchen after Mass.. getting to look through Easter baskets!
We boiled thirty eggs, giving each child only a handful to color, but they loved the bright colors we made!dsc_0109dsc_0102
One year ago today, Opie received his First Holy Communion! What a celebration!
Cookie and Bluebelle giving hugs… 8 years apart, but one day may be the same height!
Moonbeam quickly chose to wear her favorite Cheryl Matis dress for Easter…
M&M wearing her “mommymadeit” dress. This was the angel bishop I made for her a while back. She hovered in it as I left a long hem in it. dsc_0117
Even the dolls were dressed in their finest.. sitting about having tea !dsc_0139


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