Keep praying!

Baby Matthew is still alive today and I just have to say, I really love my Doctor.. his words “As long as there is LIFE and Faith there is Hope”

He wants me to get a second opinion and try to refer us off post ( we are at an Army Hospital) to see a Ped. Cardiologist. He also asked me to consider the blood test to confirm the Down Syndrome just so we know/Doctors know what to expect…. He said “usually” a baby at 24 weeks is a viable baby and more than likely, I will be sent to San Antonio to be delivered so that Matthew can receive heart surgery. This actually terrifies me as that is only in 6 weeks…. but that is still 6 whole weeks away!
I have to continue to trust in God and in His Mercy. Only God knows the rest of Matthew’s story. For now, we are having to read the story page by page, day by day.
I go back on May 8 for the Level II U/S review unless my Doctor refers me off post before then. Of course the mother in me wants them to tell me his little heart is still beating every day, but God must need me to work on Patience.
I am humbled by everyone who has taken little Matthew into their home and prayers and blog posts. Thank for for spreading the news of Matthew needing a miracle.


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