St George and the Dragon

… having a severe migraine through Thursday, we missed celebrating this feast day until today.

We made our cake from a Red velvet mix ( for added effect) and followed the “how-to” for making a dragon cake. While daddy read the story, I completed accenting our dragon with the only candy in the house….. “pastel Easter M&Ms” Oh well.. so he wasn’t a fierce dragon.. but we are a family with really young children… the only fierceness I gave him was with the licorice for his eyebrows. Next year, if I can be more on the ball, we decided Fruit roll-ups would make wonderful wings.dsc_0262dsc_0261

4 thoughts on “St George and the Dragon

  1. Oh, he is fierce….but I can tell he is a softy on the inside….I would just gobble him up! 🙂 Sorry to hear about your migraine…prayers for you, Emily. Know that you are loved MUCH! Hugs. 🙂

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