Take up this cross…

.. and follow me….Luke 9:23
No one likes to suffer. No one likes to be hit with bad news. When Jesus says “Let him take up his cross daily and follow Me,”

First, He is telling us to “take up” our crosses, that is to willingly bear the sufferings He sends us out of love for Him. When we take up our cross, we are embracing it, and if we bear it patiently, its load will lighten and we will be consoled with the graces that God sends.
Further, He tells us to do this daily, not when we feel like it; we are to accept our crosses willingly as long as He chooses to send them.

On Wednesday, John and I will be headed three hours away to let the Pediatric Cardiologist examine Matthew’s tiny heart. Will our Cross that God has asked of us lead us down a path that we can handle? Of course it will. God does allow suffering, but God also allows grace to follow. I am actually praying for an abundance of grace to carry me through this pregnancy. . It is hard to lie on the exam table and be told all is lost… this is not a good prognosis….your baby will never make it through this…
Well… John and I do believe in miracles if it is God’s will. This cross is heavy, but we will get though cherishing each day that little Matthew is alive and kicking.
We have received so many heartfelt comments that generally leave me in tears.. not tears of sadness, but tears because ( because I inherited the waterworks from my mom) everyone has been so open to lifting Matthew in constant prayer. We’ve received encouraging stories and words of wisdom from mothers and fathers who have been in our shoes. Comments from complete strangers, but by the time I am finished reading their comments, I feel as though I’ve known them my whole life. Thank you for your support and prayer.
I would like to feel somewhat prepared on Wednesday when we are with the Cardiologist. If you have been in our shoes and know of questions that we should remember to ask, please leave us a message so we can write them down. I am sure all of my questions will come to me as we are driving home.
Vintage Holy Card Image from He Gently Calls Us ( thank you)
The rest of the quote is from Salve Regina


5 thoughts on “Take up this cross…

  1. Emily, my prayers go out to you for your Matthew and what God is asking you to endure. I pray that God’s will be done and that you and your family are strengthened by this trial. May the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

  2. I have been in your shoes as we lost our first daughter at birth in November of 2002. Since you do not yet know the diagnosis of Matthew, it will be hard to think of lots of questions in advance. Think of what you can now, write it down, and maybe even make multiple lists for likely possible scenarios.

    My other piece of advice, no matter what the diagnosis–even if it is really upsetting–ask for a follow up appointment/phone consultation to go over everything again and ask questions. Our obgyn gave us this option and I didn’t realize how wonderful it was at the time. My mind flooded with questions in the days following our little girls diagnosis, and it was SO helpful to return to the doctor 4-7 days later and ask all those questions. Since you are traveling, ask if they have this option to consult over the phone.

    I’ll be praying

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