Pray for a miracle still…

At the wee hours this morning, we tip-toed out the door to head to San Antonio for our appointment with the Pediatric Cardiologist and the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists. We laughed in the dark of the car noticing all of our dates out are when we have ultrasounds.
Three hours later, with about 5 doctors in the room all pointing to the screen and conversing together, we were left with no diagnosis. They in their 20+ years of heart care, could not diagnosis Matthew’s heart. They had never seen this condition .. ever…. They “think” perhaps the restriction of blood flow across the atruims is due to an aneurism.
Good news: Matthew has continued to grow and was kicking before falling asleep for the l-o-n-g ultrasound. For now, Matthew is on a free pass to continue to grow and hopefully reach 36 weeks before having to move down to temporary lodging for daily monitoring. Matthew does not show signs of Hydrops at this visit.
Bad news: This condition, allthough they are not sure of what is going on until further research, said that it does not look promising. They are saying that Matthew will probably have heart failure before we get to 36 weeks… ( That is 14 week away!)
There is nothing they can do for him at this time. As long as Matthew does not show signs of Hydrops, he will stay tucked away continuing to grow stronger.
If we get to 36 weeks…Matthew is a candidate for heart surgery repair once he is stable after delivery and lungs are working. The Cardiologist said the valve that would need the repair is the one “if you need to have repaired , is the one you want to have to repair.”
Thank you to Sue who came over at 5:30 am and took the early bird shift and to Jess and her mom for taking the kids all day. Thank you also to my sweet friend V, for dropping off cinnamon rolls for the crew and for my neighbor who had dinner waiting for us after our long day.
Our next date will fall on our Anniversary. We will pray for a miracle.


24 thoughts on “Pray for a miracle still…

  1. I have been thinking of and praying for you all day. Hugs! Prayers for a miracle will continue and I wish I was closer to help with your children and some meals.

  2. Oh, Emily…it’s hard to hear that kind of news, I know. But, I can also see great possibility for hope and for this miracle to take place. In the meantime, you just camp out at the foot of the Cross with Matthew and know that I am right there beside you in spirit. Our Lady of Sorrows is there with you – no one knows how your heart feels right now better than she does.

    I will pray unceasingly for little Matthew Karol, for his mama, and for his entire family!

    Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!
    Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us!

  3. I had you in thoughts and prayers today and will keep you there. It sounds like you have some wonderful friends. Thanks for the update. God bless.

  4. Emily, thank you for taking the time to write all of this after what has been both a physically and emotionally exhausting day. It is great news that little Matthew is continuing to grow. We will continue to pray that he continues to grow and get strong enough to be able to handle whatever surgery lies ahead for him. We love you all!

    MS Snows

  5. Dear Emily, I’m so sorry the news wasn’t what you were hoping for, but we will continue to storm heaven for a miracle for Matthew. We love you!

  6. Oh Emily….what a load you carry. Keep your eyes focused right on Jesus……every time the fear creeps in, ( I know, it can be a minute by minute thing), hold your Rosary, and keep focused on Jesus and Mary.

    I am praying…..Jesus, we Trust in You!!!!

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