thank you…

.. for all of the positive and uplifting comments… Usually I read them and I am unable to reply due to the tears in my eyes. Your kindness and open arms for our little baby is amazing. I have received comments in so many places I visit online. Here is just one that touched me so I wanted to share…

When I first saw the pictures of is heart, I couldn’t help but think of St.
Philip Neri. Remember how his heart was so full of God’s great love, that at his
autopsy they found that his heart had actually cracked 2 ribs! Try not to weep
over his affliction… remind yourself how much God loves your Little One and thank
Him for such a visible reminder for us and the world of this Great Love.
Those dark spots on the screen are not voids,
but spaces fashioned by His own loving hands to make room for all
the love He is filling it up with. In all that is happening with the Culture of
Death on a worldwide scale, God is working through you and your baby in a
breathtaking and amazing way.

Thank you C from MO for this reminder.
If I could quote from everyone, I would to share with all of you how generous and self giving of your time all of you are. Matthew is drawing us all closer on our knees in prayer.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on Us.


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