Reason and logic…

Opie, our soon to be 9 year old amazes us with how quick he is to think with reason and logic… Here are a few examples:

* Why does Home Depot need a “t” at the end… really it still makes sense spelled without the “t”.. Home Depo

* “Dad, what is the purpose of gnats?’ while throwing the baseball… dad replies, “well, they are food for other insects and birds”….. Opie tossing the ball again says.. “so basically they are just “flying snacks”

* Moonbeam is swirling her glass of water at lunch asking Opie what she is making.. a vortex?? a tornado??? “no, all you are making is a mess”

* “Mom, really, if you think about it, the two Presidential Candidates don’t need to vote for themselves, because really all that does is keep the number of votes exactly the same, just one vote higher each.. so its like they didn’t even have to vote.”

* Trying to decide whether or not to go to Wa**art or the local grocery store, I posed the question…. which one should we go to?? Then I reminded them how much I like the local grocery store because they always have coupons for “buy this, get this free”… Opie replied..”Well really, you end up buying things you didn’t really need just to get the free stuff so really you aren’t saving any money, I think we should go to WM”

Here is a photo from Opie serving daily Mass with his friends. He is in front of Father R.


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