is 6/17….. very significant to us.. We were married 14 years ago. We met each other our first year in college. We were both 18. I still see the same John I saw in that college hallway so many years ago. We are best friends.
6/17 is also the number we see every where we see numbers. We both see 617 at random on clocks, on houses we like, the price of something, and more.
6/17/2008 was the due date of Mark Alexander. God had other plans for us and for Mark. Mark was delivered back to God at 18 weeks in January last year instead.
6/17/2009, we have our second Pediatric Cardiologist appointment in San Antonio. We will be dropping our children off at Jess’s house and leaving them will a cooler full of breakfast, lunch, and dinner for both families….
We will update after we return from our trip to see the Doctors. We are still praying for a miracle for complete healing of Matthew’s heart. Little Matthew is 26 weeks along and already over 2 lbs and still kicking…
PJPII, pray for us
O Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us.


4 thoughts on “tomorrow….6/17

  1. Happy Anniversary, first of all!

    Praying for you and your kids (and Jess and her kids while they have their “party”) tomorrow and always.

    Dear, dear Papa John Paul the Great, pray for us!

  2. happy anniversary, ours is on the 20th June- 17 years!!
    we will be praying mightily for Matthew and your appt tomorrow!
    love, lisa

  3. Prayers that the appointment went well. Happy Anniversary to you and John. You two set a beautiful example to your children of all that a marriage should be. We miss you guys!

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