Long weekend ahead

Well prayer warriors, I know you all have been so faithful praying for our little unborn baby,Matthew Karol, now just bordering 30 weeks… I had an NST ( non stress test) Wednesday, everything looked fine, and then today, after the fetal movement part being okay and active to the U/S of checking the amniotic fluid, the nurse/tech found fluid around part of Matthew’s heart that didn’t show on wednesday. I noticed it and pointed it out and she noticed it as well. She left to go show the MFM Dr the pics ( for what felt like 10 minutes) and returned saying, he “should’ be fine, it just wasn’t something she had noticed before, but since we have another ( our third) Cardiologist appt in San Antonio on Monday, they let me go home.. to wait it out over the weekend..


10 thoughts on “Long weekend ahead

  1. I haven’t posted yet, but have been reading and praying all along; we’ll continue praying for you and little Matthew!

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