Waiting for tomorrow to come…

.. we spied the little hummers about the front drinking from our feeder and the Lantana. I tried to get them up close through the window and then zoom in on them. These are amazing tiny little birds to watch, and boy do they go through the hummingbird food we make.

Tomorrow we will see what the Doctors think of Matthew’s heart condition.


6 thoughts on “Waiting for tomorrow to come…

  1. Offering a Rosary for you this night. May Our Lady keep your sweet little child, and all of you, under her mantle of grace. Hope you’ll have good news tomorrow.

  2. The one and only time I visited the States when I was 16 we went to the Beverly Hills Golf Club and I saw in the bushes just like that, a hummingbird, I was COMPLETELY facinated by this beautiful little bird that hovers like a helicopter!

    Praying for your Matthew, my Gracie is particularly remembering your boy in prayer as well!

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