Miracle needed for Matthew

DSC_0697today went as we sort of expected… the fluid was around part of Matthew’s heart and there was a sliver of fluid beginning to build around his abdomen. The fluid around his tummy wasn’t as much of a concern for them as was the fact that there was more Amniotic fluid present today than they would like to see. Too much amniotic fluid can result in preterm labor and or my water breaking. Matthew is not swallowing enough of the fluid which doesn’t allow his body to process the fluid. They took a lot of photos of Matthew’s heart and the Pediatric Cardiologist plans to have a major conference with a panel of Cardiologist specialists about Matthew’s heart condition and how to handle it best. Of course, Matthew is on the best by-pass in utero, but now it is coming close to decision time for the Doctors to decide what will help him the best… in or out …based on his greatest need. They want me to be seen next week here at our local hospital by the MFM Dr and then return and move to San Antonio in two weeks leaving us at 32 weeks gestation. They talked to us about giving me the steroid shots to help the lungs mature more quickly. It is very possible he will be delivered very prematurely based on his needs. Matthew continues to grow at a steady and healthy rate. He measured at 33 weeks, 5 days along giving him an estimated weight of 4lbs5ozs. I will continue to be monitored with the Non stress tests twice a week this week and next as well as the amniotic fluid check. Please join us in prayer for a miracle that Matthew will be strong enough to endure labor and hang in there while the Doctors help him breathe. I cannot tell you how greatful we are for all of your prayers. We were on a different U/S machine today that wasn’t quite as sharp as the last picture, but here are two shots we came home with of Matthew.. sweet little face…DSC_0698


19 thoughts on “Miracle needed for Matthew

  1. Sweet pictures, Em. Matthew had such a beautiful little face! We will continue to pray that his lungs will develop and allow him to breathe on his own. Thank you for taking the time to update your blog tonight. I’m sure you are tired, but I’ve been obsessively checking hoping for news of the appointment. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help; you know you can count on us if you need us. We love you guys!

  2. Continuing our prayers, thanks for the updates and pictures. I will show them to the children. You have so many people, children included, praying for your little fella. My mother in law always said God hears the prayers of the children especially.

  3. You and your family are in my daily prayers..Thank you for being such a special mom and knowing beyond a shadow of doubt that God is in control.. This is His special little boy and he is watching over both of you.. Keep the faith, Emily and John.. In Christ’s love

  4. Little Matthew is hanging in there for a reason. Let us hope and pray it’s because he wants to show us all that miracles truly do exist. Please know that my prayers will continue to be with you. I think the pictures from today are absolutely beautiful, I love how close-up they are. What a precious little baby he is.

  5. He is beautiful. Thank you for posting the pictures.

    I continue to pray. Take it one day at a time. God will give you the grace you need for today, but he doesn’t give grace in advance.

  6. Emily, my prayers go out to you, baby Matthew, and your family. May God continue to bless you and this baby with His Grace and Strength. May He wrap his Loving Arms around you and comfort and ease your anxiety and worries. Blessings and love.

  7. It’s so good to read how Matthew is in such expert hands and to read how the doctors are working for him and his needs at every turn! Praying for a miracle for your Matthew, such a special little boy..

  8. Matthew is such a precious little baby and we will continue to offer up prayers and sacrifices for his heart. We love you both!

  9. What a beautiful little boy! Having been in a similar situation to yours, can I give you one little bit of advice? Read the book “Kangaroo Care” as soon as you can, but definitely before delivery. It’s just hard to read or think or learn anything once you have a baby in the NICU 🙂 Will keep right on praying! Love and hugs.

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