update from being admitted

I was admitted to the Wilford Hall Hospital to be monitored throughout most of Saturday. The Non Stress monitor stayed strapped on and showed the baby with a baseline of 130 bpm with variations and by the evening, they took me off and said they would be back at 10 pm for vitals. 10 pm arrived and the nurse added that she just wanted to listen to the baby. I gladly lifted shirt for the monitor to hear the fastest heart beat. I said, “that isn’t normal, that sounds wrong.” After a few more minutes of listening, Matthew’s heart was showing signs of fetal tachycardia ( elevated heart beat) It was 210 and stayed there for two hours. During this time, an ultrasound machine and two doctors came in confirmed the heart beat and told me what to expect…. For a few minutes I thought tonight was the night. I called John who was staying at the Fisher house to let him know it could be at a moments noticed. They asked me my last wishes, to do an emergency c-section, if this went on too long or the baby’s heart dropped into the 80’s and hope to save the baby or let it go and deliver naturally. They then added, if he was delivered soon, he had a 10 % chance of survival. Of course, I told them I was still hopeful, but I would want them to try anything they could to save him. They left my hospital room saying they would call my MFM Doctor to let her know and I started praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Rosary. Halfway through my prayers, the two Doctors retuned and said that My MFM Doctor said that Matthew’s elevated heart would be okay throughout the night and in the morning she would do an U/S and talk to me about possible heart medication if the heart stayed elevated for too many days. I kept my prayers going into the night and at the end of my Rosary, I looked at the monitor and Matthew’s heart was back to a steady 130 bpm. I was so grateful. I began to dose off ( about 1:30 am) to be awakened at 3am and told I had had two hours of steady contractions 4 minutes apart. I was wheeled off to triage to be checked for preterm labor. Contractions continued, but I was not in preterm labor. The contractions are as the doctor’s expected, due to the increased Amniotic fluid. I am definitely much more distended since they saw me on Monday. The fluid has gone up to 32cm. On Friday it was 25 cm..I was discharged from the hospital, but given orders to stay in San Antonio until I deliver. Matthew ‘s only chance of survival if his heart doesn’t fail, is to make it to 34 weeks to have a chance on the ECMO machine. I have to go three weeks without my water breaking or going into preterm labor if we are going to make it to 34 weeks. Matthew is showing signs of Hydrops, but not to a point of concern yet. The Ascities looks a little better today and the MFM Doctor thinks it may be due to getting the steroid shots. Now we just have to sit back and hope for the best. Matthew is an adorable little guy who is obviously enjoying his swimming pool. with each U/S he is either head down or head up… quite cute because I don’t feel a thing. Now my course of action is to go to the hospital each day and get monitored for an hour or two and then an U/S daily until I deliver. Thank you all for your continued prayers. I’ll update as I can.

28 thoughts on “update from being admitted

  1. Oh my goodness, Emily…what an emotional rollercoaster you are on….we are praying very hard for little Matthew to make it to 34 weeks…prayers for you to maintain your strength and to feel the care and love of the Blessed Trinity as you wait…

  2. oh wow, Emily! I am so glad for the update. What alot to process. We are praying for your strong little swimmer. Matthew is such a miracle , beautiful child of God, and witness to my family. Continued prayers for him, and you, as you practice “fiat” every minute.
    much love

  3. Em, thank you for the update. We have been talking to Mary frequently to hear everything. I know Jared spoke to John today, but I just want to reiterate that we are willing to do ANYTHING to help. I’ll take the whole crew here – no problem at all! We all want to do whatever we can to help to take the stress off of YOU. I prayed all through mass today for Matthew. We will continue to pray for him and for you. Love you all! MS Snows

  4. Thanks for the update Em, you’ve been in my thoughts/prayers all day. I said special prayers at the consecration for Matthew. Keep me posted, love you!!

  5. May Holy God give little Matthew the strength and endurance he needs, and you and John the grace and peace and patience you need. We are praying lots for you here! Praying, too, for your doctors to take good care and make the best decisions. God bless you, sweet Mama & baby. Rest in Our Lady’s gentle embrace.

  6. Offering all my middle of the night sleeplessness for you and baby Matthew. You are the first things that pops into my head when I wake up at “3 am” feeling uncomfortable. Prayers sent you way!

  7. Wow, that is a lot to take in all at once. I will continue to pray for you and baby Matthew. I will specifically pray that he stays in your belly for 34 weeks so that doctors can do everything possible to help him.

  8. Continuing to storm Heaven!! Thanks so much for keeping us updated….Blessed Mother, please watch over this sweet mama and babe, keep them protected and safe, and full of your Son’s peace…and I pray specifically to the Holy Spirit to guide all decisions of the doctors that will directly impact Matthew’s care.

  9. Praying faithfully! Thank you for taking the time to keep us all updated even while you’re going through so much.

  10. My heart and prayers go out to you! I know a little of what you are going through. April 1, 2008 my son Mitchell Stephen was born still at 36 weeks due to a heart defect. We too prayed for a miracle but it was not meant to be for our little son. However, we know that he is with God and God is good and merciful. Our pain is great but our faith is greater!! We will pray for little Matthew.

  11. I am continuing to pray for you and Matthew. My nephew/God son is also named Matthew, and my sister-in-law says every Matthew she has ever met (including her son) is a bundle of energy 🙂 So I pray that you’re Matthew will make it 36 weeks and that God will make him a healthy bundle of energy too. His picture is so cute – it amazes me the details of U/S these days.

    God Bless

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