Update 29 July 2009

This is Sue again with a baby Matthew update.

This was a very good morning for Emily and John as they got to hold Matthew for about 15 minutes each and they got to spend some (mostly) undisturbed time with him.

Em sounded a bit better rested to day. The doctor in charge of Em’s care told her today that they will not discharge her as long as they have a bed for her so that she can stay with Matthew.

Matthew has not urinated very much since his birth and this is not a good thing. (Please pray for pee! ) Emily indicated that it signifies that his kidneys are not functioning. He is swelling more and more. The doctors advised them that Matthew is in a coma-like state. The prognosis still is not good. Keep praying!

And now, for something we’ve all been waiting for….


It is my pleasure to introduce you to Matthew Karol Snow, 9th child of John and Emily Snow:







Welcome to God’s family, Matthew Karol!!!





56 thoughts on “Update 29 July 2009

  1. Sue, Thank you for the update and lovely pictures. They are so touching. So moving. So peaceful.

    May the good Lord above bless John, Emily and their beautiful family.

    What a beautiful testimony to all of us! What a privilege to pray for and with them.

  2. Congratulations Emily and John – What a beautiful, big boy. He is very cute. 🙂 I teared up looking at the pics. Many, many prayers continue….even at 3:38 am, when I wake and cannot get back to sleep.

  3. I am in tears, Emily. He is absolutely breathtaking, so beautiful!!! I am continuing to pray for his complete healing and a quick recovery for you. You are blessed with a beautiful son.

  4. Absolutely beautiful boy…I can hardly take my eyes of this little fellow! Praying for you Emily, this has been such a hard journey I know, praying that Matthew stays strong and that he defies all the doctors predictions!

  5. What a beautiful new child of God – I know God is holding all of you in the palm of His hand. I pray that you feel His presence and love for all of you.

  6. He is just beautiful!! Congratulation Emily, John and children. Baby matthew continues to be in our prayers as does the rest of the family. May God Bless you all.

  7. A beautiful addition to a beautiful family! We are holding you all up in prayer. Thank you for sharing pictures!

  8. Oh, those pictures are absolutely PRECIOUS and brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful little boy!!!

    Offering many many prayers for Matthew! God bless you all!

  9. Dear Emily and John,

    What a beautiful child! There are many families praying tonight in Pennsylvania for Matthew Karol.

  10. What a privilege to hold your dear family in prayer. Thank you so much for sharing those pictures, he’s beautiful.

  11. He’s sooooo sweet!!!! Praying for all who are caring for him right now, and for your whole family. Saying a Memorare for you right now, Little Matthew!

  12. Congratulations Emily,John and family, what a beautiful little boy! Keeping him and your family very close in prayer at this time. Thank you for sharing the pictures, they have moved me to tears and beyond words. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

  13. Emily and John,
    You make beautiful babies!! 🙂
    Matthew is so precious and we are storming heaven for him day and night. I know our Lord and His Mother are tenderly caring for Matthew and for you both right now…

  14. Snow family, what a beautiful, precious boy Matthew is. I love his cute little nose and his tiny little fingers. Oh, how I pray for a miracle for him. You are all in my prayers.

  15. My goodness. What a precious baby. Welcome to the Body of Christ, Matthew. May God lift all of you up during this difficult time of waiting and uncertainty… You are all in my prayers.

  16. John and Emily,
    We have added our prayers to the rest of your friends and family. We pray that God’s will is for beautiful Matthew to grow up healthy and strong, and to die of old age surrounded by loving family and friends.

  17. Emily and John, What a beautiful baby boy!!! Thank you for sharing with us. We are continuing to keep you all in our constant thoughts and prayers. God Bless You.

  18. welcome to God’s family, Matthew Karol! you are beautiful and precious. Em and family, we continue to pray for your intentions, and for all who are caring for Matthew. Emily, you look fantastic in these photos! many hugs and prayers from the Roders in IL,
    love, lisa

  19. Congrats on the arrival of your sweet little guy, Matthew! Continued prayers for an increase and strength in his health and your own recovery, Emily. My kids felt so special that they got to see pictures of this little guy we have been including in our prayer intentions for months. They pray for him, like you guys are family – it’s so sweet. But I guess we are family – being MO gals and all I love the baptismal pictures – so beautiful!! And, you look wonderful too, Emily!! Lots of love and prayers!! Thanks so much for the update and pictures.

  20. What a beautiful boy…may God be praised for the gift of life! The pictures are exquisite. Thank you so much for so generously sharing them with those of us who are keeping your family close in prayer…May God bless you all…

  21. Congratulations, and welcome to baby Matthew Karol. He is beautiful. We are honored to pray for him, and for your sweet family. God bless.

    JoAnn and Kenny in CO
    Matt, Tim, Will, Emma, Joe, and James

  22. Congratulations on such a beautiful boy. Our prayers are with your family and especially for Matthew. Please let us know if you need anything at all.

    The Mitchell Family

  23. To hold your sweet little child in your arms, what precious moments! I am praying you have many, many of those with Matthew Karol. Beautiful baptism photos, and I see you have placed a scapular over his heart, may Our Lady’s maternal care bring him healing. We’re praying so much for Matthew and for your whole family. May God bless you abundantly and answer all your intentions. Lots of love & hugs to you, Emily!

  24. Congratulations to all of you! Matthew is just beautiful. Try to ignore the beeps and flashing lights and enjoy your newest blessing. :o) Thank you for sharing those precious pictures with us!

  25. What a beautiful little boy. Thank you so much for sharing your son with us; he feels like part of our family. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with you even though we can’t be with you in person. I don’t know if I have ever pleaded with the Lord the way I have the last few days and months. I continue to have hope that He will grant a full and complete healing for little Matthew. Blessings from your cyber family- the Boldischars

  26. He’s a beautiful baby, John & Em. What an amazing display of faith shown here as I scroll down through all of these amazing people praying for your family. We’re continuing to pray for Matthew and for all of you. Love to you all.

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