A ministering visit…

.. a little bit of relaxing after returning from Iraq, and a little but of ministering.. to all of us.
Fr Kevin just returned a week ago after a year tour ( his first Army assignment as a Chaplain) with the 4th Infantry. He got in at midnight Friday night and was able to stay until late Sunday Afternoon.
We started Saturday by visiting Matthew’s grave and he talked to the children a few at a time about Matthew. The cemetery was very peaceful as we listened to him give comfort to the children… and us…
Matthew’s headstone has not arrived yet. Because we are having all four babies placed into he same grave, the headstone will have all four names on the headstone.
A bit of relaxing with afternoon prayer time with the kids….
Fr Kevin concelebrated Sunday morning at Mass and Brett was able to serve Mass with him.
John and Father Kevin have been great friends for over ten years now. Father has been close of John his entire military career, to include the day he was commissioned.
Thank you Father Kevin for taking time in your hectic schedule to come and offer your love and words of God’s love with us. We love you.


9 thoughts on “A ministering visit…

  1. So glad you got to have a nice visit with him. I’m sure he was a great comfort to you all. I think of you often Em, so give me a call when you feel up to it. We’ll be in PTC for the long weekend. Love you guys!

  2. How nice to have such a close relationship with a priest. We have one and I don’t know who benefits more, the kids or the priest. Your blog is beautiful, your children precious and your pictures of baby Matthew…very touching. It dawned on me as I was looking at his pictures, I am looking at a saint in Heaven, how cool!

  3. New to your blog and was looking around when I found this post. Fr. Kevin… does his last name start with P? If he’s the same Fr. Kevin I’m familiar with, I know his sister very well and they’re a wonderful family. Very strong in their faith.

    You have a beautiful family. I, too, am a military spouse and my husband is about to leave on deployment. I’ll be delivering our 5th while he’s gone too.

    Praise to you and your family and may God’s light shine upon you!
    Pax Christi!

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