Delivery prayers for my friend

Please pray for a safe delivery for our dear friend, Jess, today. Today is her due date and she’s on her way to the hospital. Her children are at my house anxiously waiting the news of their little sister. Her dh is deployed with the Army and I am sure he wishes he could be here. Please pray for her strength today. Jess and I were pregnant together. (again) We were due 6 days apart. I am sure Our little St. Matthew is interceding for his little friend today to be delivered safe and sound.

ETA: She is here! She is the biggest baby in their family yet! 8lbs 9ozs, 21 inches long delivered at 6:37 am. Poor Jess was stuck in PT ( Physical Training (Army) ) traffic and delivered all natural once she got to L&D… not even time for an IV. She sounded so cute in the background. Thank you for the prayers!! I’ll let her tell her story later, thank you for praying!


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