Multiple choice

Can you match the Snowbaby to the correct Character?

1. Davy Crockett
2. Raggedy Ann
3. Fairy Princess
4. Annie Oakley
5. Raggedy Ann Doll
Here is a post from last year…
Being a home schooled family.. I’ve been questioned from time to time if the kids get enough “social time”…. here are the children ( and few moms) from 8 homeschool families. I don’t think we need to worry about them socially…

M&M enjoyed walking door to door holding her big sister’s hand ( most of the time..)DSC_0382DSC_0383
As the sun was setting though, M&M wanted to hold the Fireman’s hand…. 4 times…DSC_0389
As the fireman recognized.. “this is the forth time she’s held my hand!” I commented back with, ” wow M&M, your other friend is going to be jealous…” She turned at me with a look and said sternly, “No, He’s going to be Woody!”
Giving one answer away…. here is Davy Crockett with his sidekick.. John Russell….


4 thoughts on “Multiple choice

  1. What great pictures you got. You’re right. No one should wonder if the kids in our group get enough socialization considering that’s not even the whole group. lol We had a great time too!

    I love, love, love the picture of M&M and Fireman. He commented (with a big grin) when we got home, “She really likes me.” :0) Would you email me a copy of that picture?

  2. I got all but the fairy princess–before I even looked at the options! I don’t think that says as much about my formation as it does about the quality of the costumes! Great job everybody! 🙂 And, by the way, I love the social time picture!

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