The Gown…

Before Rosebud’s appearance to the world and her daddy’s deployment early this year, we invited our dear friends over to ask them to be Matthew’s Godparents. To our surprise, they were planning to ask us to be their little “Rosebud’s” Godparents. Of course we happily said yes. We treasure being Godparents. John and I wanted to give her a handsmocked gown so I ordered Satin Batiste fabric from Bessie Mary and a sweet, but simple Old fashioned baby Gown pattern. With the help of Jan at Bessie Mary and Cheryl, one of the best heirloom seamstresses I know, I set off to try to make something to treasure. Up until now, we had been Godparents to boys and we were looking forward to this tradition of giving the gown to the little baby girl.
As the summer got harder for us with all of Matthew’s needs, my sewing got slower. I washed and cut the fabric, rolled the gown and sleeves and pleated them, and then at a Friday appointment in July, the High Risk Doctors decided it was time to move down to San Antonio where I was to be delivered and stay there until delivery time. John and I packed up our things, including my sewing machine and Darner needles. I thought I would get to work on the gown, but the days were hard down there and sooner than we planned, we were told we were going to Michigan to deliver at a hospital known for helping babies with heart problems.
I couldn’t take my sewing machine… we were leaving in a day or two as soon as the Doctors could figure out a flight. I didn’t know what to do with this sweet gown, and then I thought of Cheryl. I emailed her and she immediately emailed me back saying “Send it!” John packaged up all that I had and mailed it that morning. Little did I know Matthew would be delivered by an emergency C-Section a day later.
Later, after things had settled, I received the finished gown all pressed and ready to give away. Cheryl completed the gown out of prayer and love and sent it back to me as her gift to us. Jan at BessieMary provided all of the lace and buttons for the gown out of love for us as well. I am so grateful.
After we buried our little baby, I was not able to, or should I say, unable, to sew anything for a while. It’s so hard to say goodbye, but it is so sweet to say hello to a Child of God… and oh to smell the chrism.. Rosebud was a doll yesterday on the Feast of All Saints. I know our little saints in heaven looked upon us yesterday and prayed for us too. I’m glad you liked the dress, Jess and Gary and Rosebud! Thank you Cheryl and Jan for your prayers and love to help me through this. God Bless you!DSC_0400DSC_0441DSC_0185img_54532
(John has since become a Godfather to one more little girl during all of this, his brother’s first baby girl, Anna.) I am sure I’ll make her more little dresses in time.. God Bless.


9 thoughts on “The Gown…

  1. Your spirit is so beautiful; may God keep your heart in the strength and courage it needs–and cover you always in His love! I am awed to be your friend!

  2. You are such an inspirational woman and family; may God continue to bless you with the graces you need. You all continue to be in my prayers.

  3. Your bonnet is the crowning touch! I am so glad that you are beginning to sew again.
    You are truly the gift and inspiration to us. I was blessed to play a very small role in this glorious day. My prayers and love remain with you and yours.

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