Its getting colder…

As this cold weather came across Texas, even the slightest drop into the 40s, and we are freezing…. We are so used to triple digits… I took the children to the park Monday and decided to try different settings with my camera.. before going to play…
The following day while Mass was being said, Sept 8, we met one of our Parish priests out at the Cemetery where Matthew is buried. On this day our other three were moved from their resting place to join their brother. We were there the entire time. It was a beautiful morning though. The air was crisp, but foggy. The Cemetery was beautiful in my opinion. It was just foggy enough that it looked peaceful. Every white marble headstone was given an evergreen wreath with a bright red bow. Matthew’s headstone was perfect. A little dirty after replacing it, but they were coming back to clean it later. All three, Luke, Mark, and Karoline’s, burial boxes were now in the same place as Matthew. We are happy knowing they all four rest with Him above. If you notice from the link, today is our own St Luke’s Feast day. St Luke, pray for us.


4 thoughts on “Its getting colder…

  1. Could your kids be any cuter? They are truly beautiful. I am glad that all your babies are in their resting place together. May God bless you all this blessed season.

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