Cold weather craft

Yesterday , the kids and I bunkered down while outside the temperature continued to drop. We made a cold weather craft beginning with the “Y” tree concept from a wonderful Art teacher. Our cold bare trees enjoyed the sprinkling of snow and look like what I remember empty trees looking like when I was young and we lived near the snow.

Begin with a white cardstock and using a black sharpie or any other dark black marker, draw a large Y on the paper. Add to your Y by adding more and more Y’s all over to make the branches. Thicken your Y’s as you get towards the trunk and then thicken the trunk. Cut or draw a yellow moon at the top. Take a dark blue crayon, (we used our Stockmar crayons) and draw a rolling hill for the background. Color the blue in above this line to the top to make it look like nighttime. Next, we placed or pictures in the sink one at a time to add snow on the picture. We dipped our paintbrush in the white tempera paint and flicked the paint onto our picture.
The sink, I think had more paint than the pictures! Afterwards, we lined the pictures up at the hill line to create a perfect Cold weather picture. I think today it is 23 degrees. I know it is colder in other parts of the US, but for us, this is a cold high for the day!


4 thoughts on “Cold weather craft

  1. So cute! I love the step-by-step instructions for those of us who are creatively challenged (like yours truly). More of these, please! 🙂

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