“Can you define it… can you tell me the synonyms for it.. can you now write down the antonyms for it??”
These are the questions that followed our morning prayers after breakfast the other morning. I gave the children a journal and asked them to write these answers down and then I shared with them my list of words and meaning using the P.A.C.E. (Program for Achieving Character Education) for Catholic schools and homes book by M. Monica Speach
I was happy with most of the answers as I listened to each child share. I had purchased this book about two years ago and have found myself wanting to spend all of school hours with my kids listening to them share and read stories out loud at the kitchen table. I chose to begin (again) with Compassion. Other virtues to come will include Self-Discipline, Perseverance, Faith/Trust and six more.
The PACE program encourages us to use several sources to include The Bible, The Book of Virtues, and the Moral Compass. We also will look more deeply into the saints who can teach us so very much about this virtue such as St Maximilian Kolbe, St Peter Claver and more. The PACE program also provides us with recommended books for the library, discussion questions, and ways to practice this virtue (and all of them) in your daily life.
Using the Moral Compass and The Book of Virtues by William Bennett, we listened and discussed stories such as, “The Lame Boy” “Mr. Straw” and “Grandmother’s Table”. I assigned the older children to read on their own several stories recommended in the PACE book and write down what the stories were teaching. I was so touched listening to them today as they used their own words to share what they had read. I think we will stick with this virtue for a while. Originally I thought I’d use a virtue every month, but now I think we may spend more time and see where God leads us.
A few days before we started this, We were touched at bedtime prayers when our five year old, Bluebelle, prayed for MM (almost 3yo) to “grow up fast so she can be nice.” We both bit our lip with a smile and realized Bluebelle understands Compassion.


5 thoughts on “Compassion

  1. I checked out this book, and it sounds awesome!! What a find. I’ve been wanting something exactly like this for my kids! It also sounds like you could spend much more than a month on each virtue. Or maybe do one a month and start over. As the kids grow, the information would apply differently and be absorbed differently… I love it!

  2. We enjoyed when we used this book. I put it away and we will pick it back up again in a few years for the younger kids to enjoy.

    Bluebelle is so sweet, my kiddos have a similar sentiment about their Sweet Pea ; )

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