You know you’re a Homeschool family when…

… your kids “argue” over who goes next in Piano Lessons
… no one can decide what Mystery they want to lead in the family rosary because each one is their “favorite”
… you serve PB&J everyday with very few exceptions.
…You always have apples somewhere in your day
… tea is a regular thing for all ages in your home
…over ten kids in the house is nothing and only one family is over to play.
… you count mom’s heads to multiply x’s 4 or 5 for an average at a group function to know how many children are present.
… your favorite packages in the mail are books
…you go everywhere with your children in tow… except for maybe the hairdresser or the dentist when more than a cleaning is needed… but those outings are rare and only happen once or twice a year.
… when you hear everywhere you go, “Are they all yours?” ,” Boy, you have your hands full!”, ” Do you know what causes that?”
… you photograph craft and food items.. and share them with friends on a blog.
Please feel free to smile with me and add some of your own in the comments!


3 thoughts on “You know you’re a Homeschool family when…

  1. You know you’re a homeschooling family when grocery shopping “counts” as grade school economics, when doing household chores is counted as “Life Skills” courses, and when you find, next to the milk, that science experiment started 6 weeks ago.

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