Favorite fives: Kitchen

I thought It would be fun to show and tell. I will try to post a new Favorite Five on the 5th of each month. Feel free to show and tell your favorite fives! Just link back and I’ll know where to find you!

What are your favorite five Kitchen items that you cannot live without?? My husband and I love to cook. By no means am I any good, but at least I have fun trying. We spend most of our weekends trying out new recipes. Here goes….

1. My Coffee pot. It can hold 12 cups, but usually I make it for 8 cups which allows John and me to have two cups every morning.
2. My Le Creuset Red whistling tea kettle. Without the whistle, I am afraid I would walk away while the water boils away.
3. My 11-cup Cuisenart- this poor thing is cracked in so many places. It really should have a permanent place on the counter because it is used for everything. We shred our own block cheese and Parmesan, we dice everything from nuts, chocolate, to onions, and I am pretty sure it is used just as much as my coffee pot! At Holiday time it is used for so many delicious dishes. I love to make Cherry-o-Cheese cream pie in it!
4. My Red Artisan Kitchenaid. If you come over, I promise you’ll see flour dust on it that I missed while wiping it down. I can’t remember how many cups it is, but it holds quite a bit.
5. This is a bitter sweet favorite.. our Chef’s knife. I ordered it from Food Network years ago and it is amazing. It makes cutting and dicing and slicing so smooth. A good knife is a must. I say bittersweet as I did not win the battle once ( my fault) when it cut the tip of my left index finger. It has since healed, but I’ll never forget. ouch!

Honorable Mention:
Lunch baskets for all of those PB&J sandwiches that are eaten Monday through Friday. I found these in a Kitchen store at our Outlet!. These have cut down tremendously on plates to wash. Recently at Sam’s, I found a box of 1000 All-purpose food wrap sheets, like you’d get in a basket at a restaurant. I serve, they eat, they throw away the paper. Easy!


6 thoughts on “Favorite fives: Kitchen

  1. What fun this is Emily! I found you through Jessica’s post and think this is a wonderful idea. I hope to participate next month. 🙂 Blessings to you.

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