On the needles…

.. the pleater needles, but not for long.

Once I run the fabric through my Amanda Jane smocking pleater, it is off the needles and ready to smock. I was planning on taking the gathered fabric with me over the past weekend while I was away for my Late Uncle’s Memorial Service. I had to leave them at home in fear that I would have my Darner needles taken from me due to flying securities, Now, that I am home, I plan to smock this week. I am sure my soon to be three year, M&M, old will enjoy twirling in her new cupcake dress even if she does get it late! February 9th is her third birthday! The other dress is for my little niece who has a birthday next week! Hopefully I can get it constructed and off in the mail in time for her to wear it on her special 1st birthday!


12 thoughts on “On the needles…

  1. It’s going to be gorgeous.

    I fly with knitting needles. I even managed to get all the way to Nevada with 7″, sharp-pointed scissors in my carry on. I didn’t bring the scissors intentionally. I just missed them when I repacked the knitting bag. I put them in the suitcase on the return trip, figuring I wouldn’t be so lucky a second time.

    Oh, and a big happy birthday to M&M!!!!!!!!

  2. So cute!!! We’ll have to bring them both over Easter so we can get a picture of both girls in them! 🙂

    Thank you again, Em! You’re so sweet to think of making her a dress. Her mother is oh-so-lacking in those areas. 😮

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