Fat days leading up to Lent

Well.. Fat Tuesday really got us thinking we were in Fat mode a whole week ahead of Fat Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.
Last week we started off with Fat Tuesday a week ahead M&M’s birthday Feb 9th and her yummy Italian Cream Cake, Fat Wednesday Leftover Italian cream Cake followed by a feast day, Fat Thursday Feb 11th with Rice Krispie Grotto treats, followed into the Valentine’s weekend mode…
of Fat Friday Homemade Chocolate Souffles served with sifted Powdered Sugar.
We celebrated dad’s birthday early on Saturday night since his birthday falls on Ash Wednesday. We enjoyed
Fat Saturday Homemade Coca-Cola Cake,
Then there was Valentine’s Day … I just had to try my hand at making homemade Sea Salt Truffles Fat Sunday

Now just because this is adorable, I am adding a picture showing a few of our children snuggled next to their big brother near the fire reading the story St Valentine.
And because more happens in our house than just food and Saints and crafts.. here is a clone who made her way into my home on Valentine’s day…

Now that it is Monday, we knew dad would be off work in honor of President’s Day.. so our plans are to smoke ribs all day and enjoy them tonight Fat Mondayand then end with a bang on Fat Tuesday with Margarita’s and grilled Salmon Tacos!! And while we’re at it, I’ll just have to make something sweet to finish it off.


4 thoughts on “Fat days leading up to Lent

  1. That child is just so darn cute! I meant to tell you that when she was praying to be good in church!

    And all that chocolate is making me hungry!!! 🙂


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