Week in review

Tuesday- Soccer
Wednesday- Soccer, Soccer, Ash Wednesday Mass, Birthday for dad
Thursday- Salt dough crown of thorns, Make 3 dozen cookies, Soccer, Soccer
Friday- Homeschool Valentine’s party, cookie exchange, Soccer
Saturday- Soccer games double headers for all three players….
9:00: Soccer Field 9, Soccer field 1,
10:00 Soccer Field 4, Soccer Field 8
11:00 Soccer Field 11
12:15 Soccer Field 10
All in the rain….
Sunday – Mass and Donuts! Planning on making a nice hot Lasagna for dinner!

Number one fan of her big brother and sisters…. “Go Opie, Go Moonbeam, Go Bluebelle!” By the end of the day, the end of her braids were ringlettes…
Biggest sister, Cookie spent most of her time in our friends car.. out of the elements that set in around 10 am.
Finally renaming our Black Lab.. for all those who know us or our dog’s name, you’ll know why his name is
It’s BODE!
He ‘ll still hear the Bo part of his name,. but we’ll no longer have to hear the Bo part of his name!! ;.)


3 thoughts on “Week in review

  1. Truly you are becoming indoctrinated in the spirit of Soccer! 🙂 It is addicting; but a good opportunity for family to support each other… Love you all!

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