St Patrick’s Day

Our St Patrick’s day was a wonderful full day of Green. We started our Day at Mass with our very own Irish Priest, Fr. Richard. He thanked everyone who “remembered” to wear green to Mass.

When we returned home, we enjoyed pushing our school aside and colored several pictures of St Patrick while we watched Patrick and munched on Lucky Charms.

For Lunch, I made a delicious Shamrock Toasties as recommended at Catholic Cuisine using thinly sliced green Bell Peppers as shamrocks on top of the cheese. Just for fun, I bought a bag of Cheetoes.. and told the kids they made me think of the snakes.. “that St Patrick drove out of Ireland”

Our new St Patrick statue didn’t Make it long before M&M found out she could bend ( and break ) off the top of St Patrick’s staff. I need to find the right kind of glue to fix it for him.  ( And a good place  for Patrick to rest away from little hands)

After spending some time with my dear friend, Sue, the kids and I read a few favorite books, St.Patrick and St Patrick.
At snack time, I popped popcorn on our Whirly-Pop and made Candied green “shamrock” popcorn. I  missed “that little part” in the directions that said to WAIT to add your food coloring until After the boiling. .. Ours definitely looked like shamrocks

Cookie, Bluebelle, and M&M made lemon cupcakes and added Green shamrocks on the top.

For Dinner, we went very American ( and not traditional Irish according to our priest) and I slow cooked Corned beef and cabbage , served alongside mashed potatoes and and “green” soda made from Lime Sherbet and Lemon lime soda with green straws.

As our tradition we started back in 1996, we have watched The Quiet Man every year on March 17th. Maureen O’Hara makes me remember my Grandmother every time.

I hope you all enjoyed your day  as much as we did!


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