Feast of St Joseph

This is my favorite statue of St Joseph. It was a gift to us years ago from Fr Kevin. It is titled, “A Quiet Moment” sculpted by Timothy Schmalz. Every time I look at it, It takes me back in time. I am reminded that as St Joseph protected Mary and Jesus, My husband has been here with our family, with each child, protecting us.

We enjoyed playing…”Go to the Workshop” or St Joseph Memory Cards that Jessica put together. The kids just giggled as we all participated in the classic game of “Go Fish” I know tomorrow the kids will play this game at least ten times and then Memory too. We even made a few fancy pastries out of fig newtons.

This St Joseph Statue is one I bought for my husband for Father’s Day last year from Church while we had Seminarians visiting from the Holy Land. The Tool box in the background os one that Opie made in Blue Knights while studying St Joseph a few years back.
We didn’t participate in the St Joseph’s Altars this year, but next year, I hope to be ready.


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