Christ the Lord has risen today, Alleluia!

This Lent has been especially hard for us. We have been living along the Via Dolorosa for the past seven months. Lent came in and reinforced the sting and pain of what we’ve been going through these past months. Mary was so very brave to hold her Son as He was taken down from the cross on Good Friday. I was especially thoughtful of the day we said goodbye to Matthew during the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday.

The church was bare.

The pictures and statues were veiled.

The Tabernacle was open and empty.

The Candle was out.

The church was cold.

The pain of clinging to your child as he  has left this world will forever come to my mind year after year on Good Friday.

The Pieta…The joy she must have felt at that bittersweet moment knowing her Son, Our Lord  was gone, but would rise again.

John and I felt joy knowing our little fellow would also be in paradise on that day we finally held him as he left us. He took one look up at John and then went on to God. Our Lord also knew, His time had come.


We sang this beautiful song in Mass this morning. Our family on my husband’s side all came together from Texas, Florida, and Mississippi. We took up an entire pew! The two oldest brothers, My husband with M&M and John’s brother with their youngest, Anna on each end, and all the rest in the middle.

We came home to find beautiful filled Easter baskets and prepare our Resurection Rolls. Using large Marshmallows and cresent rolls, along with sugar and cinnamon, we wrapped the marshmallows inside the “tomb” and later after baking, the rolls were empty! The children all were filled with delight to find the Marshmallows gone!!

We turned our crown of Thorns into beautiful nests today! Something so sad, into something so beautiful!!

Happy Easter!


4 thoughts on “Alleluia!

  1. Love and prayers go with you guys! You know more than most what the hope of Easter is all about. May God sustain you always!

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