please go over to wish my dear friend a Happy Birthday!! This is such a strong woman, mom, and friend. She does not EVER complain, she is always giving herself totally and completely to her children and her friends, and she is always on time! She was there for me (watching my five children along with her ( then) five children) through every ultrasound and every Doctor appointment with Matthew. I cannot thank her enough for being my friend. I will miss her company when her family moves away this summer to their new duty station, but the Army works in funny ways.. we may end up in the same place one day again. Happy Birthday sweetie!

Please also take a minute to wish another sweet and dear friend A belated happy Birthday. Being out of town, I have not been around to keep up, but I want you to know this friend means the world to me! She has been by my side, my joys and struggles for over seven years now. She took care of me while I was in San Antonio with Matthew last summer and always kept me trusting through it all. When I think of her, one I think Faith, and two, I think coffee mug and yarn! I love ya!!! Happy Belated birthday Sweet friend!


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