Come back soon…

… to see if you are a winner!! Please feel free to enter in my give-a-away today! So many dear online friends have been hosting give-a-aways. I’ve decided to host one for you! You all have been so kind to me by visiting God’s Canvas and sending offers of prayers and support along the way. Without your comments, my time of saying goodbye to Matthew last year would have not been filled with so many graces.
Mother’s Day is approaching and although I won’t get the smocking and construction done in time for Mother’s Day, I would hope to get it done in time for the following Sunday. I’d love to mail you a Hand Smocked Mary De dress made by me, imperfections and all, or a smocked baby bonnet or Smocked Egg, like the one pictured below… with the disclaimer, ( I’ve not “really” had formal sewing classes)
The winner can choose a dress size between, sizes, 1,2 or 3 or a smocked baby bonnet or an Egg.
To enter, please leave me a comment and how to contact you. This Give-a-away is open to everyone! A random drawing will be held this Sunday, May 2. I will try to get this out to the winner in time for The Feast of the Ascension!! God Bless!


10 thoughts on “Come back soon…

  1. I have one little girl (among four beautiful boys) and I loooove to dress her in simple sweet dresses. What a thoughtful give a way. Kelly in Tx

  2. These dresses are adorable! I’m having a boy this time around but would love to gift one to a friend if I win! Thank you for offering it. You inspire me with your faith and sincerity.

  3. Beautiful work, Em! God has blessed you with tremendous talent and heart. May He continue to sustain you as you sustain so many others! Love and prayers…

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