to the farm

Our friends who have the goats and horses on the farm invited us over after Mass Sunday, They have several bottle fed baby goats ( about 4 weeks old) who came from momma goats of quads and triplets. Some of the goats just can’t feed them all so luckily, we were there to help out.

All of the baby goats on the farm ( about 47) are so bouncy and playful. They just spring back and forth with joy up and over all of the (old tree stumps and wood) “playgrounds” on the farm. Some of the babies just wanted to cuddle! These bottle fed ones can suck down a bottle of 10-12 oz in less than a minute!
I also took a few pictures of Texas Native flowers…Indian blanket,
Mexican hat,
and Lupin? Which is all over the land because nothing will eat it… This one is from the Bluebonnet family.

We also visited with the turkeys, searched for the new fillies,

and saw our own Amazon parrot, Percy who has been fostered by this sweet couple and I think will never want to leave the fun at the farm! Here she is perched outside atop the new waterfall.. trying not to eat the trellis…


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