Two years ago…

I was given a plate of homemade “Gooey pumpkin bars” from someone I’d seen before…My nurse from Labor and Delivery had gone home for the night and returned the next day to bring me a treat. Its not every day that you are in for a delivery of a wee one who didn’t make it. They needed the delivery rooms for the moms in “real labor” so I sat waiting over night for a room for us to deliver. My nurse was the same nurse I had before on another day in L&D. I remembered how good and sweet these bars were and thought why not celebrate with something I had back then!
Today I am going to make this recipe because after all… it is a Feast Day! Karoline died on May 18th while we were getting an ultrasound, the blood was still flowing in her tiny body, even though her heart was slowed to a stop before our eyes. We have such a love for the late PJPII and knew the name of this one had to be after him. Karoline shares the same initials as Cookie, our oldest daughter.


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