New Life here

A while back I ordered this “Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden
and we sent off for our butterfly Larvae.

 The kids enjoyed measuring them with  ruler each day to see how much they grew. After about 5 days in their food jar, they crawled around the lid to form their chrysalis.
We carefully transfered them to their Garden and waited..”with joyful hope” of seeing new life  in the garden.  We were actually home Sunday morning after Mass when they all one by one crawled out of their temporary home and into a garden filled with delicious orange slices and flowers for them to feast on.

The similarities are really neat to think about……. crawling around in the muck of this container after a few days was so disgusting to look at.. look at this world….while beauty still exists here, sin is so among us. We wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Savior, we too waited to see when and if the butterflies would come.  New life, yes, we will have a new life  and be made new again…in the  feast in the garden  of Heaven.
The kids have enjoyed studying about a few butterfly facts as well as watching them taste the sweet nectar from the oranges with their long tongues!
Two questions for you..
1. Butterflies rest with wings together or flat open?
2. Can you identify a physical feature that sets butterflies apart from a moth?
I love the idea of ordering the Butterfly larvae in time to hatch and release on the Feast of the Ascension! I am going to mark it in my ical to remind me of this for next year!
These lucky little Painted Ladies will be heading over to our friend’s farm this afternoon to feast on a blooming butterfly bush. I’ll try to get a good picture of them before they fly away!
( you can double click on the pictures to see them up close)


2 thoughts on “New Life here

  1. Yes, Kelly, they rest wings together, moths are open flat…
    as for the proboscis.. isn’t that their syphon? I was thinking their knobs on the tops of their antennas, moths don’t have the knobs..
    We let them go yesterday, they were free!

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