Water break…

Some call it summer break, I’m calling it, water break… they eat breakfast and ask if they can get in the water.. they eat lunch and ask if they can get in the water…. by dinnertime.. we are waterlogged!

We started the summer knowing our almost 6 year old was terrified of the water. Our three year old didn’t know how to go under . After two weeks of lessons, we headed off for Georgia to play in Nana and Guka’s pool… It didn’t take but a day of fun in the sun for these two girls to realize they loved the water! They are the last two out of the pool every day.

… this is the same child who refused to let go  of the wall a few weeks ago and adamantly would NOT go under.  Now, Bluebelle ( 5) is  doing cannon balls, corkscrews off the diving board with a noodle,  and is even trying handstands!  She is eager to swim  to me and getting farther every day.

M&M is jumping independently off the side, and even a few times off the board with her water wings on.   Here she is with her water noodle…

She goes under water about every 5 minutes! She is even pretty handy with the watergun in the middle of the pool…

The other three are having a ball in the water. They are diving, swimming, flipping, and floating around!  I am sure we’ll all go back to Texas a little tired.. ( and tan), huh? Moonbeam got an inner ear infection within days of her arrival here.  She is now on an antibiotic and trying hard  to not be in pain. Poor thing, it is so hard when everyone is having fun in the pool, and you feel bad.:( I told her this was a good time while she was waiting for the Motrin to kick in, to pray for children who have ear infections and don’t have any pain medication.

We also have enjoyed watching the birds here. Here is the Bluebird nest.

The fledglings have outgrown their nest here, ( look how deeply padded momma bird made it!) Now they fly and land in the yard waiting for daddy bird to feed them.  Even the wasps are in need of a water break here.


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