another Mary de

I made another Mary de dress size three for a dear friend’s little girl. I sent it in the mail before we left for vacation. The fabric was very special  to work with. My mother gave it to me in a bag filled with fabrics and patterns. My mother had sewn a little gown for the Sweet Cheeks baby doll I made for M&M  a while back.  I was very pleased with the pattern   and have decided, I need to challenge myself, and move out of my comfort zone and onto a new pattern.  I am eagerly wanting to order several patterns I have seen lately  that inspire me.


12 thoughts on “another Mary de

  1. Beautiful Mary De – I love the pretty blue and the lace across the bodice. I really need to get myself in gear and start smocking more. Where has my energy gone…I you find it send it back to me please. Love you and Happy 4th! Emily 🙂

    • I want to say this fabric came from either my mom or my Grandmother. It is so delicate to work with and very soft. I loved how it turned out, minus the puckering.

  2. I must say I just LOVE your dresses and practically drool over them when you post pictures. I have 5 boys and have often longed to put a little girl in pretty dresses like the ones you make. I was surprised last week when we found out that we’re having a girl!!!! So now dresses are taking on a new meaning….so much fun to shop for and look at. You are so talented.

  3. Rachel, you are too sweet. Congratulations on your sweet little bundle of pink!! I will be hosting another dress give away soon!! These are really a lot of fun to make, I think I like the smocking part the best. I am really not great at sewing. God Bless and keep you throughout your pregnancy.

  4. The dress is absolutely gorgeous! You are so incredibly talented. The fabric is so beautiful and I’m so touched that you took the time to make it for my little girl. As soon as I get my camera back. I will post pictures of Maria in it. She loves it!!!!

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