Saying goodbye to friends

… this week we tearfully hugged our dear sweet friends goodbye. Military is sending them on to another place. We returned from our time in Georgia to say our final goodbyes to Jess and her family until we see each other again. I think I’ve talked to Jess for the last five years at least once .. sometimes twice a day. Her kids have been friends with our kids since the day we met. So many good times and a few sad times has been with Jess right there beside me. We’ve had so many memorable times together, including First Holy Communion, First time serving with Father at Mass, and Pregnant with two of our children together and all those doctor appointments in between… I think every time they came over, it must have been piano day.. If it wasn’t a piano day, someone was playing on the piano or keyboard.. and we heard The Entertainer like we heard the word mommy! This dear family is like part of our family. We will miss you, but wish you all the best sweet friend.

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