1 down, 179 to go…

today was our first day of school, and why not? It’s at least 100 degrees in Texas right now. It is so incredibly hot here that all you want to do is have an activity indoors. All of the kids had a great time going through their school books for the year and even our First grader was hoping for a science experiment on her first day. We were so busy, I didn’t even break out the camera for back to school pictures. Hoping tomorrow I can snap a few shots of everyone. We are enrolled with Seton Home School Study, for the sixth year which suits our family perfectly. We add a bit here and there. Today, I did mail off the CAT tests we completed last week before my sister came into town to visit. Check in later for back to school pictures. This year we have 8th grade, 5th grade, 3rd grade, 1st grade, and Pre-K… well, she’s three, but I won’t tell her she doesn’t have to do any work…. God Bless your school year.
St Lawrence, pray for us.( Saint of the Day) St Matthew Karol, pray for us. St Karoline Elise, pray for us, St Mark Alexander, pray for us, St Luke Dominic, Pray for us.


2 thoughts on “1 down, 179 to go…

  1. Congrats on getting started! Have a great year!

    We have a 3rd and a pre-school/pre-K also. The Kindergartner will be going to public school 😦 since he needs speech therapy. I’ll get him back for next year though. The pre-K will be 3 halfway through the year, though he thinks he’s already 5 🙂

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