time away

My husband and I had a quick getaway while the children played with my sister who flew into town to watch them. John and I returned to San Antonio for the first time since we had been there one year ago. With my mind full of memories of last summer in San Antonio with just John. It was just the two of us, heading south in his truck, but this time, it was different… not with Matthew in tow and me out of breath. This time, we were on a date to see Fr. Corapi speak and to walk on the Riverwalk. While the children danced and played games in the house with Aunt Courtney, I am sure eating way too many marshmallows, John and I enjoyed the peace of walking up and down the Riverwalk outside of the hotel we stayed in. Our dinner was so nice, this time with a glass of wine. Part of being back there was sad, but also closure. The rest was all a wonderful trip. We timed it perfectly and were able to walk right up to Father Corapi and say hello. We had a wonderful time and I didn’t worry once about the kids.. and I don’t think they worried about us either.

This building was right across the river from our hotel. Our waiter told us this was once the tallest building in Texas!

This talk is going to be available to purchase through his website. This talk was recorded and included four talks and will be available after Sept 15th.


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