“Shin guards”

M&M  has been put in braces ( or shin guards) to keep her from toe walking. So far so good since  she already knew her brother and sisters wore them to play soccer. She has to wear them as long as she is awake.  She also gets Physical Therapy twice a week now to try to help her feet stay on the ground.

We walk around the house saying, “heel-toe, heel-toe.”


4 thoughts on ““Shin guards”

  1. Odd that you should post this. Our youngest (2 1/2) just started walking on his tip toes most of the time. How do the shin guards help her keep her feet down?

  2. Kelly, what you don’t see is the carbon base that is under her shoe pad. It’s all connected so when we put her shoes on, the toe-offs are already in place, we just velcro them on. Here is a link. Our insurance covered these after the PCM referral went through.http://www.allardusa.com/pdf/Egg_Letter.pdf ( It is our family who used the word shin guard so she would like them. and yes, hers are black with tennis shoes, .. even to Mass. At first we thought she looked cute up on her toes, like a ballerina or princess, but over time, it never stopped. Long term can cause permanent damage to her tendons and ankles and range of motion ( flexing) esp as she grows and gains weight.

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