Our line up

I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend and if you are like me, you are hoping to find ways of getting the candy out of the house! Our weekend was filled with fun and more fun. This year, most of them had an idea of who to dress up as. M&M wore a beautiful handmade Cinderella dress, made by her Nana for her big sister when she was 4!. I was tickled to see this beautiful dress on our little girl.. and minus the glasses, they looked very much alike in the dress.. except for the fact that M&M’s bun kept falling out!

Cookie attended a costume party with the Sea Scouts from Church as an adorable Raggedy Ann doll.. she came home with a gift card after winning best costume for the girls!

Later, for our Homeschool party, she changed into Arwen from the Tolkien series. She enjoyed the jewelry and accessories the best!

Opie also attended the Sea Scouts party and dressed as one good guy.. ( can you guess)
.. and then for the homeschool party, he shifted into another “good” guy… who Hates spiders!!

Bluebelle was thrilled when she received this outfit for her birthday to complement her new haircut.

Moonbeam represented the Saints in our group this year as the Native American Saint, Kateri Tekakwitha. I was thrilled to find her dress at the local thrift shop and then we embellished it a bit.

And what’s a Cinderella without a pumpkin carriage?


9 thoughts on “Our line up

  1. That Cinderella looks WAY too grown up in that up-do! I better see some curls on her pronto! She can’t grow up that fast!!!:)

    They all look fabulous. Arwen is beautiful! Is it Mutt who doesn’t like spiders? I think it is but I’ll double check with the kids in the morning. I know they are going to be excited to see all the creativity.

    • Thanks Charlotte, usually instead of curls.. its tangles.. I am ready to donate some of it. ( sigh) She was cute though, gave out after one street. .. And no, Opie was going for Indiana Jones.. and Cookie told me to write snakes.. not spiders.. I just kept it at spiders since we didn’t use snakes in the costume. 🙂

    • Thanks Jessica! They all had fun.. dressing up is sort of and everyday thing in our house! I didn’t have anything to do with pumpkins this year, our friends carved with the kids. The other pumpkin was a traditional one.

  2. They all looked GREAT! I love the “Kit” costume, too, but they all look fabulous. We have that same Indiana Jones hat. My parents got it for Aidan last year for Christmas. Ours is a little more smashed because of my little maniacs. 🙂

  3. I remember Cookie when she wore that cinderella! When I saw the picture that is the first thing I thought about. I love the pictures. The kids are getting so big. love ya!

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