It was time

and she was so nonchalant about it, but a matter of fact attitude…. “I’m giving my hair to little girls who don’t have any hair.” and then she would look at her big 6 year old sister and say “I look just like you now!”

yes, the curls are gone, ( 11 inches) but so are the tangles which is why I broke our family tradition and said yes to cutting it at age 3. usually all of our girls have had their first haircut at age 5, bit in this case, M&M’s hair was sooooooo long, it was time. No more tangles, I am thrilled! And so is she! I did keep a clipping of her hair for her baby book.. for her first haircut.. sniff….

7 thoughts on “It was time

  1. I remember when Barbara had her first haircut, also to donate. M&M’s curls always reminded me of Barbara’s. Sadly, she now had pretty straight hair, but usually gets the tangles out herself.

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