Beginning of Advent

We lit our first advent candle ( from Saintly Soaps) tonight with the anticipation of what the next few weeks will lead up to. The birth of Jesus! I’ve managed to fit in a little smocking time and here is where I am on the Christmas Bishop I am making M&M.

The sleeves are finished. I am going to try to get this neck pattern finished in the next two weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

Yesterday, we attended the ceremony at the Veterans Cemetery for the placing of the wreaths. Gold Star Families placed their wreaths on their loved ones place killed in the last two Iraqi Wars, followed by those with family members there. Then the volunteers placed wreaths on the remaining headstones. It was very touching to see so many American flags flying in the cold wind and over 1000 people gathered on a day where there were so many other activities and shopping going on. Here is Cookie and Opie placing a wreath on our children’s headstones.

We didn’t know about this a year ago, but what a nice way to begin Advent.


2 thoughts on “Beginning of Advent

  1. What a touching event. Our service men and women are always in our prayers. Again, please extend our thanks to your husband for his service to his country.

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