It’s (not) beginning to look like…

…. Christmas at our house. But really, it’s not about the decorations, I know. But there is something about the glow of the Christmas lights and candles. I hope to decorate soon. Our house was re-tiled this week

We welcome guests regardless of the appearance! Come on in!

Soon, the mantle will have greenery with the letters, NOEL, along with twinkling lights. A fire in the fireplace, and children sipping hot cocoa on the rug in front of the fire! I can’t wait!

The entire house is covered with white construction dust.

The yard has a huge pile of tile and the front porch is covered in Construction trash, rather than a warm warm wreath with small trees and lights welcoming guests.
The garage is covered in trash instead of Christmas decoration boxes. The workers should return Monday to clean everything up. I am looking forward to slowing down and filling the house with sounds, smells, and sights of Christmas .. now only two weeks away!!


8 thoughts on “It’s (not) beginning to look like…

  1. The new tile looks great! That white construction dust looks VERY familiar. I am still finding it on surfaces that I swore I had cleaned before. Maybe your landlord will hire a cleaning service to come in and clean it for you?

    • Denise, I am sure your house looks alot like ours. Yes, the owners have been very helpful with cleaning. The ladies started yesterday and will return today to finish wiping it all down.

    • Thanks Cheryl, I think I would have packed up and left for the entire month to avoid all the clean up if the ladies didn’t come to remove all of the construction dust. I don’t feel very close to Advent being displaced for the week, but I know it won’t be long before the boxes from the attic come down now!

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