Decorations were hung

( in about 30 minutes) with the three little girls, and even Cookie, completely thrilled with opening and hanging absolutely everything I have collected over the past 25+ years…. You’d never know this was our house a week ago.

Others.. ahem.. say the 10 yo boy.. was more engaged in watching Going My Way by the fire.
I baked last night and plan to finish this morning to pass out goodies to neighbors. I also have finished M&M’s Christmas dress, with the exception of those darn button holes. I say that because my button hole foot is no more and I need to ask my sweet friend to help me before Christmas comes. I’ll post a picture of the dress when I have the buttons sewn on later today.
Here is the picture we took for our Christmas card. When I ordered the cards online, they were with a pretty Kelly green background. When I picked them up, with no time left to redo, they were in an olive tone. The Photo center lady said “sometimes we do that to go with the picture.” Well, its the photo I was sending, not the perfect card, so I took them home and we stuffed the envelopes.
Merry Christmas!


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