I am missing the peace that Christmas brings. Friday morning, as we entered the church for Mass, I found the same peace I love. The Nativity was still out in front of the Altar, surrounded by bright red poinsettias. The tree, once only lit and now decorated, was still lit in with the beautiful sparkling white lights. The wreaths were still hung and Christmas was still “here.” After Mass, we were asked to take any poinsettias home now that the Christmas season is coming to a close.
Our Christmas “peace” was short this year. For the first two weeks of December, our tile flooring was completely jack-hammered up and re-tiled leaving clean up and more Installers coming and going. Up went the tree, and a week later, we packed up the car and drove 16 hours ( both ways) to see family and home again, having a wonderful time and trying to ignore the mounting gas receipts. Home on New Year’s Eve to have an un-decorating tree party to prepare for the Flooring company to seal the new grout. Now Christmas is all put away and the construction dust is still coming down form the vents. The house is in need of more deep cleaning. My treadmill has missed me all these weeks.
I miss the tree up longer, I miss the lights twinkling at night in the tree. I miss seeing the nativity set up. I am still ever so sad at times. I want to slow down this year. I want to read more. I want to get out with the kids more. I miss little Matthew. My family misses him. The kids talked about him alot this Christmas.
Christmas is such a peaceful time. No matter what is going on in my life, I still can feel like a child again when I see the lights on the tree, baby Jesus in the Manger, and my own children all gathered in slippers, blankets, and new books and toys. Now with Christmas at a close, the last gifts, exchanged, cards are finished trickling in, I am looking forward to this New year. We have many things going on this year to look forward to. I am hoping next Christmas, we can slow down and soak in every moment.


2 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Emily – your post really touched me. I’m so sorry your peace of Christmas was short lived this year with all that was going on, and I know you must miss little Matthew terribly. I will be praying for you to know and feel that peace again, the peace that is “beyond all understanding.” God bless…

  2. I will pray for peace for you. I too am struggling with a lot of ups and downs. God is the potter, our job is to stay plyable in His hands. You and your family are such an amazing witness for Him. In His timing, He will delilver you from your sadness and restore you to complete joy and contentment. Rest in His mighty hands and know you are the daughter of the one true King. God bless you.

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