We’re moving!

We’ve been in Texas for so many years, but now the Military is moving us. However; we will be spending some time with our Nana and Guka.. (Our Georgia Grandparents) while we wait for a house to come open at our new assignment. This week is going to be a whirlwind.. I just know it! I am going to try to gather all that we might need to take us into the warm weather.. which means going through containers of clothes for the kids and myself. I will also be trying to gather all of the books and items we need to finish the school year and maybe into the new school year.. so more books. Maybe that is a good thing, so the weight of the books we take with us is not part of our moving weight allowance. The representative from the moving company said the majority of our weight will be books! We are getting the house packed and prepare to leave in a week and a half. I have so many memories and friends here it will be a sad goodbye. Next week we will clear our home and get it ready for a new family to move in and close our time in Texas by going to Mass with our dear Irish Priest one last time. After the morning Mass, he plans to take the Mass goers outside and dedicate an Oak tree in Matthew’s name. Matthew’s Godparents bought Matthew a tree in his honor when the church built the New Parish center. Matthew’s tree will be standing tall for years to come with a small stone plaque and the foot of the tree. I am really looking forward to seeing which one is for him. I’ll try to take a picture, not only for a keepsake, but also to share with his Godparents who too, moved away before seeing the dedication.


7 thoughts on “We’re moving!

  1. Congratulations on your move back to GA! Will you be living in Peachtree City again? That’s awesome about the Oak tree for Matthew…

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