Packed up and gone.. from Texas…

Wednesday, we said our goodbyes and drove 16 hours away from Texas. This was actually harder than we thought. We have been in Texas for so many years. At a farewell party, given to us by several great friends, someone asked me.. ” how many sacraments does your family have here?? ” Wow.. three baptisms, two First Holy Communions, and also, Matthew’s baptism and last rites. We were truly blessed to have such a loving community of friends. We are on a wait list for a house on post, so while we wait, we will be busy finishing school. planting spring flowers, and swimming at Nana and Guka’s house in Georgia. Who knows, with the Army, we’ve learned to say, see you later, not goodbye. You never know when those orders will come and send you right back to where you came from.

Before we drove away, we went to Mass, followed by the blessing of a newly planted tree, in Matthew’s memory. Matthew’s Godparents bought a tree in his honor. Below the tree, Fr. Richard had a limestone marker with a plaque on the top of the stone. It was really a touching moment to see his name on the plaque, along with the Godparents.


5 thoughts on “Packed up and gone.. from Texas…

  1. I’m so sad I couldn’t be there at the farewell party. I was tending to a little with the flu and Mike was getting my truck worked on. But, like you said, you guys may make it back here. 🙂 I hope you are able to keep up with the blog so we can see how things are going. Your family will be in our prayers!

  2. The plaque is beautiful and that tree will be so beautiful as it grows and gives shade in the TX heat.

    I’m sure we will see it in person someday.

    See you soon!

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